Dr. Scott Stevens has over 24 years of experience
treating all types of vein and vascular conditions.

University of Tennessee • Professor of Surgery • Director of Endovascular Surgery

About Stevens Vein & Vascular

Dr. Scott Stevens of Stevens Vein & Vascular

Scott Stevens, MD, PLLC
Board Certified Vascular Surgeon

Dr. Scott Stevens is a board-certified vascular surgeon specializing in the treatment of vein disease and vascular disorders. He provides the highest-quality care in a comprehensive, convenient, and compassionate manner. The individualized experience includes an in-depth patient history evaluation, a comprehensive physical exam, and a premier ultrasound assessment. This approach results in an extensive understanding and strategy that not only improves the lives of his patients but also educates them about how to achieve greater health.

We proudly serve patients from Knoxville, TN and surrounding areas.

Stevens Vein & Vascular is on the forefront of venous therapies. Dr. Stevens use of minimally invasive techniques reduces the recovery time associated with surgical procedures and allows our patients to get on with their day without any disruption. Highly recommended by local physicians, Dr. Stevens has established a long history of providing quality care and has dedicated his career to offering only the best treatment options available for vein disease and vascular disorders.

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