Scott Stevens, MD, PLLC

Dr. Scott Stevens of Stevens Vein & VascularDr. Scott Stevens is a board certified vascular surgeon specializing in the treatment of vein disease and vascular disorders. He has focused his medical career on perfecting minimally invasive techniques for vascular and venous repair.

Dr. Stevens completed his surgical residency at the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville. After 5 years of training, he completed an additional year of trauma/ critical instruction and was board certified in both fields before continuing his education in St. Louis at Washington University, completing a two-year fellowship in vascular surgery.

In 1992, Dr. Stevens and his family moved back to the hills of East Tennessee and began practicing at the University of Tennessee Medical Center. He is a Professor with the school of medicine and Director of Endovascular Surgery. Dr. Stevens has been invited to speak at numerous medical conferences and has published over 100 vascular abstracts, papers, and chapters. Along with his published accomplishments, he directs courses that provide training in endovascular techniques to surgeons throughout the country. Dr. Stevens is the current President Elect for the Southern Association of Vascular Surgery, has served on the board for the Society of Vascular Surgery and is currently a board member of the Physicians Medical Research Foundation.

Dr. Scott Stevens strives to improve the lives of his patients suffering with the pain and discomfort of vein disease. He provides the highest quality of care to his patients in a comprehensive, convenient, and compassionate manner.